Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Fishing Guide

Below is a guide to help you pick the best fishing times to ensure enjoy a fun filled day on Lake Erie or Lake Ontario. These recommendations are based on years of data and proven fish catching tactics that our captains have developed over decades of fishing.

Please keep in mind the weather during the time of the year you are scheduling your fishing trip. Some of our customers are die hard fisherman and don't mind a chilly spring day on the water and some are families or novice fisherman who are looking to catch a cooler full of fish as much as have a warm relaxing day on the water. We can accommodate any skill level from the group that fishes a couple days a year to the most experience angler.



April is walleye spawning time. Lake Erie Walleyes migrate to the Western Basin Reef Complex in large numbers. Boat ride from the Wild Wings Marina can be as short as 5 minutes. The majority of the walleyes caught during this time are 19”-24” males. The best way to catch these shallow water walleyes(4’-16’ deep) is with ¾ ounce hair jigs. If you like to jig fishing then April is the perfect time. The limit is 4 fish per angler.



In May we are targeting post spawn fish. Males are still aggressive and females are hungry after a long stressful spawn. The preferred method of fishing is with bottom bouncers and worm harnesses as well as trolling spoons. The limit is 6 fish per angler.



The walleye fishing in June starts to become consistent with the beginning of stable weather. As the water temperature rises the fish become more active and can produce limit catches. Fish caught during June range from 15”-22”. The limit is 6 fish per angler.



July is the best month for limit catches of Lake Erie Walleye. The weather is stable and walleye are schooled up in their normal patterns and migrations. July has the highest catch rate of any month according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. July walleye fishing the past 4 seasons has been hands down the best of all months. The casting bite is usually pretty consistent on the reef complex and of course trolling produces limit catches of open water walleye. The limit is 6 fish per angler.



The first two weeks of August usually still produce limit catches of walleye. This all depends on the water temperature. The 2014 season produced limit catches up until the 3rd weekend of the month. Once the walleye fishing slows down toward the end of the month we turn of focus to Yellow Perch. Walleye limit is 6 fish per angler, perch limit is 30 fish per angler.


September / October

September and October are ideal for targeting Lake Erie Yellow Perch. Nothing beats this table fare. Fish range in size from 8-12 inches. Perch fishing can be very good and limit catches are very common. The limit is 30 fish per angler.

Lake Ontario Salmon Charter

King Salmon & Steelhead Fishing, Olcott, NY

If you are looking for drag screaming action, this is the place to be. Every year Lake Ontario produces world class king salmon and steelhead. We will have one boat in Olcott, NY for the months of July and August during the prime salmon and steelhead fishing season.