Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people can fish?

6 people

2. Can I bring beer on the boat?

Absolutely, bring all the beer you want, just no hard liquor.

3. Should I bring a lunch?

A lunch is recommended.

4. Do I need a passport?

No passport is needed.

5. Do I need a fishing licenses?

Yes, a valid fishing license is required and can be purchased at the marina.

6. Do I need to bring fishing poles -or bait?

No, all poles, bait, ice and fishing supplies are provided.

7. Do I have to clean my own fish?

No, you can clean your own fish or there is a fish cleaning company at the marina that will clean and bag your fish for you.

8. What time do we leave the dock.?

Boat normally leaves at 6am, but it’s ultimately up to you what time we leave.

9. Is lodging available?

Yes, with kitchen and AC.

10. Does the boat have a restroom?

Yes, clean and fully functional restroom.

11. Do we have to fish the full 8 hours?

It’s your trip, we will come in anytime you want.

12. What happens if I get sick?

It’s your trip and up to the fellow fisherman.

13. Are kids able to fish?

Absolutely, kids are welcome and encouraged.

14. Where is Daze Off Charters located?

See the photos below, or visit our contact page for an interactive Google Map.

All deposits are due within 7 days of booking your charter. If Daze Off Charters cancels your trip due to weather before you arrive you can reschedule for another available date in the same calendar year and the existing deposit will be applied. If you arrive at the marina and are lodging with us and we have to cancel due to weather your deposit can be applied to another day or will be refunded. Safety is our #1 priority and all weather-related decisions are at the sole discretion of Daze Off Charters. Privacy Policy