Walleye - Perch - Bass

Walleye - Perch - Bass

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We Are Booking for the 2017 Season!

Daze Off Charters is conveniently located in the walleye fishing capital of the world: Port Clinton, Ohio. We hope to see you on the water soon!

Check Out Our Video Of What Fun You & Your Buddies Will Have With Us At Daze Off Charters


Captain Jason

  • As both Captain and owner of Daze Off Charters I personally guarantee each fisherman has the most enjoyable day on Lake Erie as possible. Come enjoy a full 8 hour day of fishing on beautiful Lake Erie.
  • - Captain Jason

Whether it’s walleye or yellow perch you’re after you can be assured of a full day of fishing, not just 5 or 6 hours.

2016 Fishing Reports

Walleye Fishing 2016

Once again we had a very successful 2016 fishing season. We had to handle a lot of walleye to keep a nice cooler of fish at the end of the day. It was common to catch 50-80, sometimes 100 under sized(12”-14.5”) fish per day. The future is bright as Lake Erie continues to produce excellent hatches of walleye year in and year out.

The 2015 walleye hatch was exceptional with a hatch rate that was almost 3X the average and produced most of the under sized walleye we caught all summer. These walleyes will be 18”-22” in 2017. Couple these fish with the many trophy fish that remain from previous hatches and we are set up to have fantastic walleye fishing for years to come.

For those of you who prefer to cast rather than troll: the number of fish we saw this season coupled with the ODNR trawl numbers, we are hopeful the casting bite will return to the level it was in 2005-2008. We expect the spring jig bite and the mid summer(Late June and July) casting bite to be exceptional.

Yellow Perch Fishing 2016

Overall, July, August, September, and October perch fishing the best we have seen in 20 years. The quality and number of fish we caught were the best we have seen in over a decade. Limits were almost a guarantee with perch sizes ranging from 8”-12”. The smaller fish we saw last year grew up and provided some fantastic coolers of yellow perch.

Along with the excellent walleye hatch, 2015 also produced an excellent yellow perch hatch. The quality of fish we caught this year along with these new additions to the population have positioned us to have exceptional perch fishing for years to come.


2017 Forecast

2014 produced one of the best walleye hatches ever recorded, followed in 2015 with another excellent hatch of walleye Lake Erie is set for well above average walleye fishing for the next 5-7 years. Three year old will be the majority of the catch in 2017 however there are still plenty of trophy fish from previous hatches.

“With these hatch index results, we are expecting the walleye fishing in Lake Erie in the next three to five years to be exceptional,” said James Zehringer, director of the ODNR. “This is outstanding news for Ohio anglers and out-of-state anglers who enjoy fishing on Lake Erie, the Walleye Capital of the World.”


August Trawl Confirms Walleye Hatch Rumors

Lake Erie walleye fishing Port Clinton, OH Sandusky, Ohio — Amid rumors that persisted all summer that the walleye had a hatch bigger than the monster 2003 hatch, the official results are in.

The DNR Division of Wildlife Lake Erie Research Station biologists had been seeing incredible numbers in their trawling sampling station since June, the OSU/Stone Laboratory classes have counted high numbers around the islands, and minnow dippers have seen higher than usual numbers of young-of-year walleyes in their seines across the entire lakeshore.

However, these encouraging early summer numbers can be deceiving, since high summer mortality can sometimes wipe out promising looking hatches before the August trawls are performed.

In August each year since 1987, Ohio Division of Wildlife Lake Erie fish biologists have been cooperating with their Ontario counterparts to sample approximately 80 stations, carefully matching their trawling equipment and techniques.

Their trawling results data are eventually combined to produce an interagency average (mean) that is used to project catchable walleye abundance two years into the future.

The numbers, as reported by Jeff Tyson, Lake Erie program administrator for the Division of Wildlife, show that the Western Basin walleye trawling catch rates were the fifth highest since the interagency trawling began.

Ontario’s official numbers will be released later in the year, he says, but Ohio’s August walleye trawling numbers for 2015 are approximately 61.4/hectare. A hectare (ha) is the metric measurement for area, equal to 2.47 acres.

Contrary to the rumors, it did not beat the 2003 hatch, which tallied 155.6/ha, but otherwise was surpassed only by the 83.3/ha tallied in 1996, 63.4/ha in 1994, and 111.0/ha in 1993. But, it beat the highly touted 1982 (52.6/ha) and 1986 (30.4/ha) results.

Furthermore, it is three times better than last year’s 19.6/ha caught in Ohio waters and two times as high as the interagency combined average of 30.8/ha.

Not only did walleyes do well, but the Western Basin yellow perch hatch recorded its third substantial hatch in a row, according to Tyson.

He said that the 2015 yellow perch number was 264.9/ha, complementing the 668.9/ha in 2014 and 398.7/ha in 2013. To put this good news into perspective, the counts in the previous three particularly lean years were only 74.5/ha in 2012, 29.9/ha in 2011, and 58.2/ha in 2010.

All these numbers pale in comparison to 2003, when the trawls produced 1,509.9 yellow perch/ha or 3,290.8/ha in 1996.

The Division of Wildlife’s “Ohio’s 2014 Lake Erie Fisheries Status Report” states that, “Average to above average reproduction in the Western Basin in 2013-2014 and in the Central Basin in 2012 and 2014 will contribute to stability and enhancement of the population of yellow perch over the next several years.”


Captain Jason,

Just wanted to send a sincere thanks for the effort you put in Friday to get us out there and find us some fish. I know it wasn't easy for any of us including you. It was obviously the only opportunity we were gonna have to fish this wee-end and I truly appreciate you recognizing that, and doing what you could to get us into some fish and not make the fishing part of the week-end a total wash-out.

For a bunch of land-lubbers, I thought we did pretty well. Seriously, we all had a great time and I'll be calling ya again if I can scrape up the right group of people to do something like this with in the future.

Many thanks for your courtesy, professionalism and for just being a damn good guy to go fishing with. That means more to me than anything.

Your operation is first class and I'll be sure to share that info. with my fishing buddies. ( Got a few of 'em.) Thanks for a great ( and memorable) day of fishing. If you consider this a good review, feel free to post on your site. Not sure how that works. Have a great rest of the season and thanks again. Hope to fish with ya again soon. YOU THE MAN!

God bless ya and the people ya love.


Dick Giles

All deposits are due within 7 days of booking your charter. If Daze Off Charters cancels your trip due to weather before you arrive you can reschedule for another available date in the same calendar year and the existing deposit will be applied. Deposits are not refundable under any circumstances. Safety is our #1 priority and all weather-related decisions are at the sole discretion of Daze Off Charters.